The Ballroom of The Bunion Museum

Requested Poses Volume I: Commentary



Hi you lovers of bunions, hammertoes and corns!!

Get yourself comfortable and take you some time, before you continue reading my letter.

First I have to say that Iīm still in the process of learning to find bunions, hammertoes and corns sexy, but Iīm on my way to like my feet the way they are.

I never mentioned - and was never asked - about the size of my feet. Well, although my feet donīt look small due to the width of my forefoot, I have VERY small feet - european size 35 - a lot of ladies shoes arenīt even available in this size. I used to buy sneakers in the kidīs section...

So here are my little comments refering to our new series, the 24 images of "Requested Poses" for you:

01close: This is a very natural photo, not posed at all. Thatīs how my feet look after removing closed shoes. The lesser toes are always extremely bent, no matter if I have shoes on or not, these toes always look like this. But the corns are different. After removing shoes, the corns look brighter and they are more soft. After a few minutes the corns become hard and start to swell dramatically.

02close: Here both feet are lightly pointed. The more I point them out, the more the angle of my big toes increases.

03sole: This photo I like. The soles are nice, pretty color - and my bunions donīt look as severe as they are. I like the lesser toes, although this pic shows how extremely bent they are. But I see they have a certain order, maybe thatīs what you like. Somehow eight sweet little "toeys"...:-)

04sole: Still okay, but now you see my left bunion in it`s entire severity (I know, I know, you like it - me too somehow...)

05&06pump: A classic vamp pose, very inviting - my bunion "in itīs whole beauty". What you donīt see is the pain in my right foot - but there is bunion slave right behind my right heel, so...

07flat:uuhhh, looks very painful, and it was. Even if I walk barefeet, the balls of my feet carry the most of my weight - and that means also the bunions carry lots of my weight. With every step I make, I accelerate the process of my bunions to become even wider and bigger. There is nothing who could stop this, except a surgery.

08flat: again uuhhh...You will not find lots of women who ainīt embarassed about showing those kind of feet. I really do hope you like it, Boong - you asked for "simply barefoot". I was shocked seeing my feet from this kind of perspective - how extremely angled my big toes are. But itīs not unasthetic yet, I think. Especially on my left foot I see that triangle bunion/babytoe/tip of big toe. Maybe, once in the future, women who donīt have bunions and hammertoes will have to make a surgery, in order to attract men. If I knew, that this would be the only way to get a man, I would do it...

09suck/10lick: That was really fun. (As a matter of fact, this pic was made AFTER "11&12across", my 2nd toe still across my big toe and pinning it). We tried a few times, but we couldnīt stop laughing. I was shooting the pics - first I wasnīt able to keep the camera in a still position (due to laughing). Once, just for fun (meant in a nonerotic way) - Alex somehow managed to take all of my toes in his mouth, even my wide forefoot, including the bunion. With his mouth full of toes he was trying to say something like: "Shoot"... But I couldnīt, I had tears in my eyes due to laughing, he looked like a jaw eating a smaller fish - you wouldnīt have seen anything of my bunion or toes. So finally we got ourselfs together and the result are these two images. I hope youīre still able to find them erotic - after youīve heard the story of "The Making Of..." ---


Hi guys, Elke again. 11&12across: Having the 2nd toe across the big toe. Hi Commander, your request. You wonīt believe it, but you helped me with that request. From the beginning: In order to move my 2nd toe across the big one, I had to use my fingers. This was the first time I did this, and I realized, that the 2nd toe is like a pin, holding the big toe very tight, "embracing" it. Even after walking around barefoot at home these toes just remained in this position. I will do this from time to time, because: both toes get free of this everlasting pressure against each other - and my three lesser toes have more space, they can "breathe" better, and the extreme pressure is reduced. Alex was begging me to go in public with my toes set like this - barefoot in high heel sandals, I did it for him, but never again. We went to a mall, and people - especially men, I have to admit - looked at my feet like I came from outer space. I know I looked sexy, with high heels and naked legs - but they mostly looked at my feet. If they found it to be ugly, disgusting, amusing or even sexy - I have no idea. But the fascination was there...

13babytips: This is my favorite image. Very sweet and sexy to me - if I may say so... Also somehow fascinating is the "prominance" of my bunions. You see, Iīm getting closer to your taste. I have to confess, that normally all my lesser toes are curled under the sole. Alex was keep holding my lesser toes in a straightened position, releasing them not before I was standing like this. It didnīt work with my baby toes, they still curl under as you can see.

14lessertips: this is the way it really looks when I stand on tiptoes. The lesser toes are all curled under. If you look carefully, youīll see that my bodyweight is carried only by the outside part of the big toe, the 2nd and the 3rd toe. The big toe looks like amputated somehow. When Iīm on tiptoes, the big toe goes all the way left, across the first joints of the lesser toes. (Toes, toes toes, sorry for using this word so often).

15extreme: a close up, unfortunately not sharp, showing one of the most intimate parts of my poor foot. Okay bunionlover? This answeres your question, if I walk on my nails with the lesser toes - my nails always touch the ground, sometimes only the edges of them, sometimes the entire nailbed...

16hammer: Well, hammertoes at itīs best. See the sharp edges of my two lesser toes on my right foot - and the tailorbunions. See the title of the book Iīm reading? Fake of course...(this, and pic 15 was one day before the official start of the photo session).

17tired: This is how it looks, when I try to straighten my lesser toes without the help of my fingers. Almost no difference to my "normal" position. I told you, I can actually not move them. The baby toe is going somewhere completely else, I cannot control this.

18kissme: I hate this Photo. Itīs Alexīs favorite...I allowed him to post it, in order to hear your opinion, but I really shame for it. This pic was also made one day before the official session. It was evenings, I came back from doing several business, I was on my feet the whole day - it was raining, so I was forced to wear closed, medium high boots. When I came home, I was in that boots for 10 hours. I immediately kicked off the boots - and without having my feet even washed before, I asked Alex for a massage. My feet looked just terrible, look on the pic. You can see the ugly wet skin between my lesser toes and the sole of my left foot. My toes were tightly pressed together for 10 hours, wet under and between the toes. Look at the ugly, white, sharp edges of my baby toes and the 2nd left toe,calluses are peeling...

I find this image to be too intimate, disgusting and unasthetic, thatīs why I was asking Alex to add my statement right below the pic. And he calls it "kiss me" - I wouldnīt kiss those feet. Of course he can see my feet every day, looking like this, but he is my husband. DONT GET ME WRONG: I only didnīt want you to see this image because I think you wonīt like it. If you do like it, itīs okay. PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I AM VERY CURIOUS.

19shoes: These shoes I bought more than 10 years ago in Las Vegas. They are too tight now, as my feet developed. Look how my bunions respond.

20ouch: Amazing, how wide my forefoot became...nevertheless somehow erotic.

21pain: Look at my tailor bunion. It almost looks like a sixth toe...funny.

22bunion: Sweet pose. And the penalty to have a bunion. Worshipping bunions and having bunions is a big, big difference. Have two severe bunions like I have - only for one week - and than letīs talk after...

23pain: Another high heel sandal. See that white pad between the shoe and my big toe and bunion? I use them normally in closed shoes only.

24cornshurt: All in all a nice picture. Heaven for all corn fetishists of you...

Well friends, Iīm thru. Canīt wait for your responses. And please donīt forget to tell me your opinion about pic 18kissme. Iīm very curious...

Big hug!!!

Yours - Elke - (this time with a little help of my husband)