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 Picture of myself in my Computer room.                    At work Repairing Cars for A Reconditioning Center,in AZ.

Always under Construction !



 I  Am a "Bruce Willis" Fan...
I build Computers for a Hobby !
I have saved all my  Stereo Equipment
as a collection of Electronics !
I am also a Automotive Technician By Trade.
My day Job.!

Link to a Bruce Willis Page.

Here are some of my Favorite 
Web Pages:

1.DVD Express .(DVD Movies at Discount prices.)
2. CBS Computers. ( Computer Hardware and Software at Great prices.)
3. Aberdeen Computers.
4. J & R Music World. ( Stereo and Electronics Galore!)
5.Computer Geeks. ( Hardware & Parts)
6. PC Club .(Computer hardware& Software).
7. Free Home Pages .(Web Page Space)
8. Cnet Central.(Computer Information on Everything !).
9. Movies Unlimited,(All Vintage Movies from the old days till Now!)
10. Voodoo3 Web page for 3dfx Video cards.
11.Asus Motherboards and UpGrades for them.
12. Egghead Computer Hardware and Software.
13. Orchid 3dfx Video Homepage.
14.UFO Information,Government Papers.
15.Online Computer Gaming Center For Microsoft Games Using Explorer 4.0 or better.
16.Computer Tech Help Page ! New Products!
17.Tiger Direct.(Computer Components and Upgrades, Motherboards,Etc.) !
18.Computer OverClocker Upgrades and parts.
19.Motherboards and Upgrades.
20. Tyan Motherboards Web Site.
21. New Tech Computers. ( Hardware & Parts)

Another Great! Action Movie !

"The Replacement Killers" . The Replacement Killers

Other favorite Movies : The Network for Entertainment Fans -- -- Index

"The Professional" The Professional
"The Last Boyscout"
"Above The Law"
"Under Siege"
"The Last Man Standing"
The "Lethal Weapon" series.
"Blade" with  Wesley Snipes.

      This is My Web Page Hope you like it.
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One of my Favorite Singers
"Phil Ochs"   Phil Ochs

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 " Jeri Ryan"
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