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Brasilia Helicopter Pilots Association

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Our Helicopter Club is located in Brasilia, Capital of Brazil. We have been flying since 1994 and the interest about our hobby has grown since then. There are pilots on all levels of skill and performing all kinds of maneuvers, such as: Single, Double and Triple Loopings and Rolls; Stall Turns, Roll Stall Turns, Inverted flying, Auto-Rotation, Hot Dog 3D, Night Flying and etc... Although we all love scale Helicopters there aren't any flying yet but there are several on the way: one Hirobo Lama, two Kyoshos Bell 222, one Kalt Airwolf, one Concept 60 Jet Ranger and one Xcell Bell LongRanger.

Our flying field is located at the end of South Wing Neighbourhood. We're there every weekend and sometimes at weekdays after 5:00pm. The only complain among Heli pilots is that there is no woman flying a Helicopter yet. Come girls join us!

Club Field 1 Club Field 2
Club Field 3 Club Field 4

How to get there ?

Club Map

The location of our club is in the South Wing Neighbourhood. To get there, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the end of South Wing Neighbourhood towards the Block 416.
  2. At the of it, there will only a right turn possibility. Turn right.
  3. On the other side of the road, turn on the first right. There is a Sign there.
  4. Go all the way, you'll be seeing it by now.

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