Huey UH1D

Here I'll try to give you, all the information available about Kyosho Helicopters. Why ? Because, I'm a Kyosho fan. Their model Helicopters are not only simple, well engineered and easy to maintain but also fly steady and make you look good!! I and a friend of mine, Carlito, have a saying that says: Who Knows does w/ a 30 size Helicopter!!

Kyosho Models
Kyosho Fuselages
Kyosho Parts List
Kyosho Upgrades

Note: If you have a Picture of a Helicopter or a Fuselage that Kyosho have produced in the past, a Part Number or a Upgrade that is not on the pages above, please feel free to email me.Thanks in Advance !


Jet Ranger

Come Back Frenquently to see Future Updates !!

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