The Macmillan Windows 98 FrankenbookTM is an online compilation of sample chapters from our best-selling books, providing tips on getting started with Windows 98, Windows 98 internet and multimedia features, as well as configuring, customizing and troubleshooting Windows 98. The goal of this Frankenbook is to provide answers and solutions to your questions and problems. If you find a chapter that is helpful and would like more information about that specific book, click the cover image or title.

What is a "Frankenbook"?

Table of Contents:

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Getting Started
  • Getting Help
    Chapter 4 from the book Platinum Edition Using Windows 98
Working with Hardware and Software
  • Printing
    Chapter 13 from the book Special Edition Using Windows 98
Windows 98 Internet Features
Windows 98 Multimedia Features
Configuring and Customizing
Windows 98 Networking
Troubleshooting and Optimization

Macmillan Catalog:

The chapters in this Frankenbook are from the books listed below. Related titles can be found at the bottom of the list. To find out more information, or to purchase an individual title online, click on the title or cover image.
Complete Idiots Guide to Windows 98
Published by Que
ISBN: 0-7897-1493-0
Author: Paul McFedries
Inside Windows 98
Published by New Riders
ISBN: 1-56205-788-x
Author: Jim Boyce
Platinum Edition Using Windows 98
Published by Que
ISBN: 0-7897-1489-2
Author: Ron Person and Ed Bott
Sams Teach Yourself Windows 98 in 21 Days
Published by Sams
ISBN: 0-672-31216-6
Author: Paul Cassel and Michael Hart
Sams Teach Yourself Windows 98 in 24 Hours
Published by Sams
ISBN: 0-672-31223-9
Author: Greg Perry
Special Edition Using Windows 98
Published by Que
ISBN: 0-7897-1488-4
Ed Bott and Ron Person
Using Windows 98
Published by Que
ISBN: 0-7897-1594-5
Kathy Ivens
Windows 98 6-in-1
Published by Que
ISBN: 0-7897-1486-8
Authors: Jane Calabria, Rob Kirkland and Dorothy Burke
Windows 98 Installation & Configuration Handbook
Published by Que
ISBN: 0-7897-1510-4
Rob Tidrow
Windows 98 Professional Reference
Published by New Riders
ISBN: 1-56205-786-3
Bruce Hallberg, Joe Casad
Windows 98 Unleashed
Published by Sams
ISBN: 0-672-31235-2
Paul McFedries
Related Titles:
Big Basics Book of Windows 98 - Author: Joe Kraynak
Complete Idiot's Guide to More Windows 98 - Author: Paul Mcfedries
Easy Windows 98 - Author: Shelley O'Hara
How to Use Windows 98 - Author: Doug Hergert
More Easy Windows 98 - Author: Joe Kraynak
Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Windows 98 - Author: Peter Norton
Peter Norton's Maximizing Windows 98 Administration - Author: Peter Norton
Programming Windows 98/NT Unleashed - Author: Viktor Toth
Sams Teach Yourself More Windows 98 in 24 Hours - Author: Mike Miller
Windows 98 From A to Z - Author: Keith Powell
Windows 98 User Manual - Author: Jim Boyce

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