Any star maps that I receive will be placed on this page for the benefit of all. All files are zip-files.

Echoes of Earth 73 5.26KB Sean Williams
Complete and Accurate Space Master Map 205 49.1KB Claus BÝrnich
Space Master Map converted from Navigator 218 8KB Thomas L Bont
Traveller Universe converted from Navigator 2350 79.4KB Thomas L Bont
A pseudo-accurate map from the Babylon 5 universe, with a lot of information. 45 18KB ScalpelV
Starmap of local space. About 80 stars, a few dozen semiconfirmed planets and brown dwarves. 59 5.9KB Patrick Stewart
Nearby stars, same as above, but with close to 200 stars total. 151 8.9KB Patrick Stewart
Worlds, a great starmap based on Nearby stars above. Includes several constellations of stars, civilizations and not least the galactic core. 486 108KB Klaus Richter
Lite-version of above. 486 24KB Klaus Richter
Quick'n Dirty conversion of the Gliese 3.0 catalog 3000+ 170KB Claus BÝrnich
Space Warriors RPG Universe ? 13KB Dave Probert

Claus BÝrnich
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