I am Oleg Byshevski-Konopko
Below you can find some information about me and more...
About me(and my family)

Travel to Cyprus 2002

Travel to St.-Petersburg 2003 (new!)

Our dog (new!)

My scientific interests lay out in the fields of:
waveguide acoustooptics, integrated optics, optical information processing,
programming (Visual Basic, MS Fortran Power Station, Visual C++).
Now I'm working in the
Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciencies
(located in Fryazino near Moscow). Part of our Institute are in Moscow.
Here you can find short bibliography of my recent papers:
  1. E.M.Korablev, O.A.Byshevski-Konopko. Frequency dependencies of the efficiency of the collinear acoustooptic interaction involving radiation into the substrate in Ti-LiNbO3. 4th Spring School "Acoustooptic and applications", Gdansk, World Scientific Publishing, 1990, pp.369-376.
  2. E.M.Korablev, O.A.Byshevski-Konopko. Influence of Ti-LiNbO3 YX-cut waveguides parameters on acoustooptical efficiency of TE-TM mode conversion, Proceedings of fifth Conference "Acoustoelectronics" with international participation, September 10-13, 1991, Varna, Bulgaria, pp.59-61.
  3. E.M.Korablev, O.A.Byshevski-Konopko, V.V.Proklov. Acousto-optic diffraction on SAW upon internal reflection at grazing incidence. 1996 IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium Proceedings, v.1, pp.123-126. (pkziped PS version, 98 kb or gziped PS version, 95 kb).

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