Welcome to Rainer's Homepage

Hi, everybody. This is my first try to create my own Homepage. I hope you will enjoy it and it seems clearly arranged. If you have some ideas to improve my page or if you want to tell me something (for example: common interests ...) please feel free to send me a mail.

In normal case every Homepage is associated with a special topic. Now you will ask me for the topic of my Homepage!
I considered for a long time and finally I decided, that it is time to tell some peoples how great they are. So this Homepage is for all people who affects my daily life.
There is at first my family (have patience Jonas, in a few years you will able to read this) who gives me the necessary support. Further there are all my friends. Thank you that you share so much of your free time with me and sorry for all the bad things I have done to you.
Last but not least there are all my working colleagues. It's really great to work with you in such a successful and funny team.

Now I'd like to express one great wish of mine: If we are much more tolerance to all other's we will make this world to a better place for us all.

Much fun with my Homepage.

Salü Rainer