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The Midwest R/C Society Models of the Month, February 1999

Steve McFall showed his Breezy Junior slow-flyer. He liked the laser cut parts, but felt the plans were lacking photos or diagrams on how to set up the flying wires. It has a 50-inch span and is very light. It is covered in red, blue and yellow Litespan.
Al Lanning had a Global ARF Spitfire. He felt that the parts fit and wood quality were excellent and that the plans and instruction booklet were good. It weighs 4.5 pounds and is powered by a Super Tiger .34. He also had the Global ARF AT-6 Texan from Hobby Shack. It is also powered by a ST .34. He feels that both kits have inadequate landing gear assemblies for our field. On the positive side, he feels that both kits go together quickly and are lots of fun.
Wayne Macy had a beautiful and useful scratch-built fieldbox. He gave much of the credit for this unique project to Mr. Jim Lapham. It was Jim who provided much of the materials and even some of the parts. Nice Mr. L, and a special thanks from Wayne. The box is made from aluminum and seven-ply plywood.
Ed Heiser had a neat Herr Engineering Star-Cruiser, which he purchased at Riderís. Every aspect of this kit was rated EXCELLENT by Ed. He felt that absolutely nothing could be improved about this kit. Quite a compliment! It is covered with Ultracote and powered by a Norvell .061 R/C engine. It has a span on 42", wing area of 267 sq.in., and weighs in at 16 ounces, ready to fly. It even has a steerable nosewheel.
Art Slagle had Super Chipmunk that he picked up at a swap show. He feels that it is excellent in the instructions and parts fit, but that it is not suitable for a beginner. It is an ARF and pretty much ready to go out of the box. With 900 sq.in. and a 72" span, it is of pretty good size. He has a Saito 150 for power. He noted that the flying weight is HEAVY!
Also, as part of Show and Tell, Adam Peruski-Smith showed off his glow-powered R/C truck. Adam is an avid modeler and enjoys many aspects of this hobby. Nice job Adam.

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