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The Midwest R/C Society Models of the Month, May 1998

John Frazer has once again joined Midwest, and we welcome him back. John showed his Hummer, which he had purchased from R/C Hobbies. He considered all aspects of the kit to be Good. He noted that the fuselage was not die cut, which was good, because it allowed him to alter the shape easily. Even though this was an advantage for him, he believes that the fuselage sides should be die cut. It is finished with tissue (yellow with blue trim) and dope and powered by an OS 10. Flying weight is 28 ounces. The plane was designed to be a 1/2A racer, with two channels, but he is using a Hitec radio and all four channels.
New member, Stan Spiewak, should off his new giant scale Fly Baby from a Balsa USA kit. He felt that the plans were only fair and could be improved by providing a profile of the ribs and formers. He thought that the instruction manual could also be improved, as he only rated it fair. The wood in is kit was poor and required a lot of glue. The parts fit was good. It is covered with a lot of Ultracote. Flying weight is 28 ounces, with a wing span of 88". The engine is a QAZ. He has a really good smoke system on it and notes that when you go into a tail slide the smoke is so intense that it completely hide the airplane.
Bill Brown showed his completed Joy Models Aeronica C-3. Bill felt that the plans were excellent, but could have used a bit more detail. He also thought that the parts fit was excellent, while the wood quality was good. He did some modification to the tail section. It is covered with 21st Century fabric and powered by an OS 26 4-stroke. The completed model has a wing span of 72" and weight of 5 pounds 2 ounces.
Finally, Adam Peruski-Smith brought in a couple more planes to share information about. Once again, his talk was interesting and informative. Hes really getting into what makes these flying machines fly. Thanks again Adam.

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