Using Ancient Traditions To Enhance Modern Thought...

Hollow Bone Alliance

P.O. Box 945
Silt, Colorado 81652

The Hollow Bone Alliance is dedicated to using ancient traditions to enhance modern thought. The Hollow Bone Alliance is actively engaged in addressing contemporary issues using traditional ways with modern approaches.

If you site or organizations deals with similar approaches or issues your addition to our ring would be an honor. After you submit your site we will go look at the content to make sure it is in line with the other sites which are part of the Hollow Bone Alliance Web Ring.

Political sites and organizations are welcome, as well as postings of contemporary issues facing society today. All sites must be suitable for all ages, contain site integrity, and contribute in a positive and responsible manner towards the resolutions of issues facing contemporary society. Personal websites and homepages are welcome to be submitted provided they express a cultural content. When a decision has been reached concerning your site you will be notified.

Mitakuye Oyasin--All My Relations

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