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Historical Languages

  • Japanese : Native language for 29 years; e-mail language for 3 years (two bytes coding). Fluent both verbally and literately.
  • English (American) : Native language for 8 years; Los Angeles Times' and KIIS-FM 102.7's language. Mickey and Minnie mice's language. Fluent verbally and literately.
    (U.K.) : Sherlock Homes', Peter Pan's, and Mr Chips' language (Good-Bye Mr Chips). Encyclopædia Britannica's language.
  • Spanish (Los Angeles) : Native language for 8 years; La Opinion's, KLVE-FM 107.5's, KTNG-AM 1020's, and Que Buena's language. 30% fluent.
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) : Roommates' language for 3 years; Party and dance oriented happy language. 15% fluent, but I can guess from Spanish.
  • Russian : Years of education during an university (Teacher: Kanazawa-sensei).
  • German : Foreign language course at an university. Bach's (Johann Sebastian) and Mozart's (Wolfgang Amadeus) language.
  • French : "Le petit prince", "Pilote de guerre", "Vol de nuit" language. Albert Lamorisse's, Rene Clair's, and Francois Truffaut's language.
  • Chinese : I studied these hieroglyphic-type characters as a part of Japanese. But no grammar, no pronunciation. High school course introduced me fabulous poets and writes (Teacher: Wasio-sensei).
  • Italian : I've never studied but feel it through Brazil, Paraguay and some films. The sense of humor is the best of the world.
  • Never Studied : Although I haven't studied, attractive groups of languages representing distinguished cultures are "Arabic" and "Armenian".

Modern Languages

  • Programming Language C/C++ by Thompson K, Kernighan BW, Ritchie DM, Stroustrup B; entry-level.
  • Hepertext Markup Language "HTML" ; entry-level.
  • UNIX gluing/scripting Practical Extraction and Reporting Language "PERL" by Larry Wall; entry-level.

    I am planning to open multilingual pages including Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German .