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Web Developers' Journal (23/11/99) : www.webdevelopersjournal.com
Magazine publishing company (23/11/99) : www.sys-con.com (publishes PowerBuilder Journal,etc, find out other useful magazines)
SYS-CON XML Journal (23/11/999):www.xml-journal.com, a good source
IDG's NetworkWorld 24/11/99 : www.nwfusion.com
Technology Review : www.techreview.com
Network Computing : www.nwc.com, worthwhile to visit
Internet Week : www.internetwk.com : worthwhile to visit
Computer Reseller News : www.crn.com
Sun World : www.sunworld.com
PC Magazine :http://www.pcmag.com
PC Magazine, UK :http://www.pcmag.co.uk
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ComputerWorld HK : www.cw.com.hk
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PC Computing : www.pccomputing.com
Information Week, US : http://www.informationweek.com
Information Week, UK : http://www.informationweek.co.uk
Datamation : http://www.datamation.com
CIO Magazine : www.cio.com (full print editions, back issues available

PC Week http://www.pcweek.com
Info World : www.infoworld.com
Info World Print Editions, to access back issues, www.infoworld.com --infoworld print -- this week in print -- back issue
Java-Pro Report : www.java-pro.com (full print edition)
Java Report : www.javareport.com
Visual Developer : www.visual-developer.com (part of print-edition)
NT Systems : www.ntsystems.com (back issues available)
MIS Magazine : www.misweb.com
Smart Computing : www.smartcomputing.com (back issues available)
Beyond Computing (full print editon): www.beyondcomputingmag.com
Pen Computing : www.pencomputing.com
Mobile Computing: www.mobilecomputing.com
Small Office : www.smalloffice.com (Full Print Editions and back issues available
Home Office : www.homeoffice.com (related to SmallOffice.com)
ID Systems ( supply chain automation : www.idsystmes.com
Sales Force and field automation : www.sffaonline.com
Software Development Magazine : www. sdmagazine.com
Online Magazine : www.online.com good for IS professionals ?
Internet User : www.internetuser.com
Web Techniques : www.webtechniques.com (full print edition with archives)
Australian LAN Magazine : www.lanlive.com
Apple Daily - Info Mag : www.infomag.appledaily.com.hk
Next Media : www.nextmedia.com.hk
Ming Pao HiTech Weekly : www.infomag.appledaily.com.hk
Advisor Magazines : www.advisor.com, EBusiness Advisor, Component Advisor, etc
Component Strategies : www.componentmag.com
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Intelligent Enterprise : www.intelligententerprise.com
Informant : www.informant.com
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