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SUNRISE Contacts 2009

SUNRISE Contacts 2009 is a powerful contacts and information management tool designed on the world-class FileMaker Pro runtime platform (ie. you don't need FileMaker Pro to run this software). It includes unlimited storage for all info types including web/email/mailing addresses, telephone numbers, notes, photographs, movies and documents for each and every individual and company contact you have in every record. Comes with calendar, labels, and much more. Add unlimited numbers of lookup databases to suit your specific business or personal requirements. Ready-made lookups available or suggest your own.

All databases utilise a common database design platform for simplicity and ease of use. Available for PC (Windows XP and Vista) or Mac OSX ("Tiger" and "Leopard" compliant).

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You can download Mac version 2.3.5 of SUNRISE Contacts 2009 (65.4MB) from:

Or try downloading from here.

Or download the Windows Xp/Vista version 2.3.5 of SUNRISE Contacts 2009 (71.7MB) from here.

Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory

In 1915-16, Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity to explain mathematically the mysterious force of gravity in terms of accelerating matter. To this day, experiments have confirmed many of the essential results of that theory.

In 1929, Einstein published his Unified Field Theory in an attempt to show the link between the electromagnetic field with the gravitational field. To this day, no one has been able to provide a suitable interpretation required to experimentally verify the validity of the equations lying at the heart of Einstein's final theory.

It is now the 21st century and finally we have the interpretation needed to explain how the equations should be understood, and that its implications to science are only beginning to be realised.

Keywords: Research, science, Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory, UFT, space, time, gravity, gravitational field, physics, general theory of relativity, special theory of relativity, field equations, electromagnetism, electromagnetic radiation, light, God and light, religion.

UFOs - The Scientific Evidence

The UFO phenomenon is one of those great mysteries refusing to disappear from society. It has continued to capture our imagination ever since people officially reported their existence to world authorities in the 1940s.

What are UFOs? For sometime the scientific community were divided over this issue: do they represent something new to science, or nothing more than natural phenomena?

Now a new concise and simple scientific analysis of the mystery has uncovered an amazing new scientific discovery that will shock some readers. This presentation reveals for the first time the answer to this great mystery.

This presentation shows a patented invention by the late Dr Thomas Townsend Brown (1905-1985) in a brand new way. It reveals the true explanation for how his devices work and their relationship to UFO observations based on the Abraham-Lorentz formula. US Patent numbers are 2,949,550 and 3,187,206.

And we relate the devices to the observations of genuine close-range UFOs.

"...very interesting"
Betty Meyler, President of UFO Society of Ireland

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Roswell Revisited

On the night of 2 July 1947, something mysterious crashed in the deserts not far from Roswell, New Mexico.

The US Government claims the wreckage found near Roswell was a weather balloon. Witnesses who saw the wreckage firsthand believe it was not a weather balloon.

Now judge for yourself who is telling the truth with the latest information from an Australian researcher about the incident which could have far-reaching implications for humanity.

Keywords: Research, technology, science, Roswell, Roswell Daily Record, New Mexico, US government, US military, nitinol, nickel titanium alloy, shape memory alloy, NiTi, USAF flying saucer, US Department of Defense, titanium history, nitinol history.

SETI 2009

The question of 'Are we alone?' has created considerable controversy among philosophers and scientists for centuries.

So what are the scientists doing to find ETs? Good question. Well, this research CD reveals the essential and latest scientific arguments for and against ETs. We explain how scientists (alien or human) can prove the existence of ETs by collecting certain critical biological samples (useful for explaining the behaviour of aliens in abduction cases and thus putting UFOs in a more believable realm). We also discuss the reasons why scientists rely on radio telescopes to find the answer.

Finally, we reveal a sociological principle that may explain why scientists have not heard from the ETs after all this time.

Should we continue to use radio telescopes or send expensive and heavy probes to Mars or elsewhere in our solar system to find the evidence?

This research will reveal why some experts in the field believe they may already be here, watching us and waiting to see what we will do next.

Keywords: Research, science, extraterrestrial life, ET, SETI, radio astronomy, astrobiology, extraterrestrial civilizations, interstellar travel, Project Daedalus, principle of non-interference, stars, planets, amino acids, Dr Stanley Miller, Arecibo radio telescope, light, electromagnetic radiation, radio waves, Voyager spacecraft, Titan, Mars, Venus, life zones, definition for life, Drake's equation.


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