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This home page is mainly for our families and friends in Singapore to keep them updated with our life in United States.  It also helps other Singaporeans to prepare themselves for their work, study or visit in United States.  There are also some interesting facts about our home country, Singapore.

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News Update:

April 22, 2001 - We re-visited Las Vegas, Nevada during my parent's visit during Chinese New Year this year. This is my last semester and currently I'm working as an intern in Verizon. I've also added photos from my last trip Washington. We had snow in Dallas on New Year's Eve which was very rare!
July 28, 2000 - We have just visited Oregon and Washington. I've
also added photos of my parents when they visited us during
Chinese New Year this year.
July 17, 2000 - My husband has just graduated and is now working in Texas Instruments.

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Please feel free to direct your comments to Siew Kuok or Rita.

: Rita
: Siew Kuok
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Created on July 15, 2000

Last updated on April 22, 2001
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