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This the GeoCities version of my home page. Also, with the latest on my Part II Project, try my Computer Lab homepage. This is probably the most up-to-date version, since it resides on local file space, so it is the easiest to change. However, I still am proud to have this marker in Geocities. In fact, I've been here since the beginning - so yah boo sucks to you.

This page used to be under construction, but then I realised after about 2 months that I don't now contruct it, but merely shape its evolving form. So there you go.

Click on the pictures on the left hand side to go to pages of links to other sites, or look below to see things on my home page that I've written.

King's College Boat Club Home Page Originally written by me, this is the home of my ex-boat club. Personally I think rowing should be on the national curriculum.
Warhammer Guide Here is a brief explanation of the rules of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Paper aeroplanes The instructions for making and flying aeroplanes, all designed and tested by me.
BASIC track editor for 4D driving game Used to play 4d a lot, and got fed up with the lack of facilities of the in built editor, so I wrote my own. Beware - it's pretty complicated, but very good - even though it's just written in QBASIC.

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