Surf, WindSurf, Kayak, Mountain Bike,
Orientation adventures  and other sports
in Portugal
We are a group of friends who like nature and and to do  something exciting in our free time. None of us is professional or willed to get any money out of our sports. We just like to bring the sports that we love so much a little bit closer to other people. The idea is to share our experiance with other interested people. If you are confused by the term "radical sports"
Here you can learn something about some of us:  
Dirk Reimann
Carlos Joćo Lima Fernandes
Bruno Vives-Jenny Descamps
Dirk“s opinions on Radical Sport
The creator of this page.
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Our experiance on the water and with the Wind:
Portugal also has perfect places to do windsurf and in summer a very  regular thermal northwind - the "nortada".
Spots where we speeded and jumped already:

Viana do Castelo/Portugal
Murtosa /Aveiro
Praia da Mata/Portugal
Lagoa de Albufeira/Portugal
Lagoa de Óbido
Kayak in waves and rivers:
Mountain Biking:
Dirk Reimann
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