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Once upon a time, not so very long ago wasted a weekend using the geocities home page editor and created a little piece of the Internet to call home. It wasn't much, but it was mine and then before I had the chance to display the masterpiece a computer technician (since departed) at work, managed to delete large amouts of my work, including the product of my lost weekend.

Since then I've been planning to have another play with web editors, to spend a little time collecting together some of the things I like and sharing them with others, so here (assuming everything works just fine, this time) are some of the places I like to visit. If you enjoy it, all well and good, if not, then hopefully there are plenty of other internet pages for you to visit.

Places of Fun & Interest

(Some links I like)

Working in Plymouth...

A number of people I know have asked me what is it like to work in the Psychology Department at the University of Plymouth It's not a very interesting question, I know, but there you go. The answer I used to give was odd, but now I just refer people to the excellent Dilbert Zone. This excellent cartoon by Scott Adams sums up not only the life of the employees of a company run my bureaucrats but also what is happening to academia today.

Wasting time on the web.. an accusation often leveled at anyone spending longer than 15 minutes a day seated at the computer with the brower open. It's a far comment in most cases, but if you're good enough then you'll get noticed. .This link is a prime example of this. Jax worked at Dircon (a fine company to be at by all accounts), but he had a passion, a passion I share, for a rather unsucessful football club by the name of Chelsea. Over time he built up an unofficial Chelsea Web Page, a shrine to a great side that never quite fulfilled it's potential. Then the club became aware of the page, and rather than take a dim view of the of the thing they offered Jax a job, and now he is web master of the Official Chelsea Web Page. It's not as good as the original (yet) but give Jax a bit of time, and the club will have a page it truely deserves, besides having the email address is kinda smart. As well as his site(s) you might also like to check out the Chelsea Prediction League

All the web should be as usful as this

I've known Tim for a number of years, we did our degree's together, we play football together (we've put together the The F-Files, a collection of strange football stories), we get drunk together. Tim doesn't waste as much time on the web as me (or indeed as much as he used to) but he did find a page that I've always liked. I can't chose a video to watch - ever. I can't decide what I'd like, firefly takes the choice away by allowing you to rate films you've seen and matching your opinions of good and bad films to other peoples to suggest what you should watch in the future. As Tim said,"this is one of the things that the internet should be used for."

Chance to play God.

Somebody somewhere gets paid to do this! I've lost track of who found this first, all I know is that a number of colleagues are getting quite competitive about how there bugs are doing. The premise of technosphere is that you create a creature from a series of body parts which is then let loose in a virtual world to live, breath, eat, sleep, reproduce and die. You then get reports on it's progress as it moves around the techno environment. It doesn't sound much but it is compelling once you get going

A place to kick back and relax

I've no idea who Abby is, how old, what she is like, or indeed anything about her, but from her web page I'd say she's sometimes a little sad. Her page is full of quotes, lyrics and things that make you think, some are thoghtful, some are happy and some leave you feeling very positive about life itself. Once in a while, when things get too much, I turn to Abby's and then sometimes things seem a little more in perspective.

Damn! I forgot to send a card.

Once in a while I forget to send cards to people that deserve them, or simply need cheering up. On occassions to make matters worse I find myself short of time and once I used to wonder how am I going to get the card to them on time. Here's the solution, virtual cards and to make things e better there from Warner Bros. (and their sister Dot?). Simply follow the instructions and a card wings it's way across the web to the destination of your choice. (Now where is that site that sendsvitual roses?) The cards are instant and there is plenty of freedom to customise and send something personal.

The Creator of Pantscat and general all round funny guy

Few people have me roling in the aisles, Eddie Izzard is one of those people. If you haven't seen or heard Eddie then you're missing out. The first routine I ever saw him perform was about working the phrase, "Look, Look, there's a monkey up a tree" into everyday conversation. What? Why would you want to do that? Well because it's one of those pointless phrases they teach you in French classes at school that's why, and when you go to France you are damn well going to use it. Besides without Eddie, there would be no Pantscat and without Pantscat we'd have to call Nick by another nickname, but hey, that's another story.

Apart from Thatcher the 80s were quite good

1980-89 in the UK was a good time to grow up. If you were young enough not be worried by what was going on politally then life was a lot of fun. Ant Music, New Romantics, Grange Hill (no really), A semi-succesul Chelsea side (still no silverware though).... if you don't remember it all, or weren't around then this is what it was like back in the good old days!!

Moaning Northern (Successful) Gits

I hate Manchester United hence this page I also got bored one wet afternoon in August and created this image which I've left displayed as A4 landscape as it sits better as a desktop image (Wallpaper to PC Users)

Jimmy Hill's Chin

Ok so it wasn't the names to choose for a five-a-side team, but hey we won the league so we shouldn't have to worry. Here is an account of our glorious path to victory. A tale of mistaken identity, strange kick-off times and some underhand shirt tactics in the semi-final.

Once in a while I'm going to put uptemporary pageto display odds and sods. I'm not sure what will be on this page at any particular time, but if you fancy pop luck then give it a go.

Well that's about it for now, apart from to say thanks to Sid for his comments on the first version. If you have any comments, suggestions or own one of the images I've used as a link to your page and want it removed, then please email me

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