Me, Myself & I
I am just trying this out. Anyway, my name is Brett Woolcock and I was born in 1967, Upper Hutt, New Zealand. If you think you know me, please leave a message and leave an email address so that I can get in touch with you.Or contact me on my e-mail at
I now live in Auckland and work as an Supply Chain Supervisor for a chemical company.
My interest include Mountain biking, diving, fishing and other general outdoor activities. I also like to travel and did my big OE between 1990 - 1993. In that time I visited most of Europe, USA, Mexico and also a little bit of Canada. I went to Vietnam and Laos in 1996 (highly recommended), Peru  & Argentina (2001), Mongolia 2003 and Equador & the Galapagos islands in 2008
My parents live on a farm in Greytown where they have Alpacas, llamas (probaly what got me interested in Peru in the first place) Angora goats, minature ponies, doves ducks and some bantam chickens.
Oh yeah. They also have some sheep and cattle as well. They have turned at least an acre into gardens and the the farm is open to the public in the summer.
I have one brother who got married in 2000. I have three niece's . So as long as my brother keeps churning them out it keeps my parents off my back.
So thats basically the story of me, myself & I.
Me and a  Buddist monk in Laos
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