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1. Results & News 2. Roster Of Gold Wrestling League Stars 3. Champions 4. History Of Champions 5. Upcoming Events 6. Biographies of the Stars 7. Sign Up for The GWL

1. Results & News

Thursday Thrashing

The Assylum Association beat Dark Forces when Mr. Blunt made Roadkill submit to the Rehab in 0:08:22. Non-Title-Match: Frank the Animal defeated Warlock by disqualification in 0:02:08. Destruction beat Triple X when CJ made Headhunter submit to leg scissors in 0:06:18. Mastermind Will pinned The Grimm Reaper with the Leaping DDT in 0:22:21. The D Men beat The Flint General and Prince Valium when Destroyer pinned Flint General after the The Flying Finale in 0:04:47. Texas Death No-Time-Limit-Match: El Rudo pinned Stevie Michaels after a belly-to-belly suplex in 0:05:45. Stevie Michaels tore his left tricep. For Complete move by move results E-Mail me INFO NEEDED FOR BIOS Home town: DOB: Height: Weight: Wrestling History: Theme Song: Favorite Wrestler: Favorite Opponent: Worst Opponent: Biggest Enemy: Favorite Quote: Return To The Top

2. Roster Of GWL Stars

Manager: Craig Masters Team Name: The Assylum Association Silly Mr. Crack Nutty Mr. Blunt Manager: Dan Murphy Team Name: The D Men Big D The Destroyer Manager: Pauly B Team Name: Triple X The Craftsman The Flying Headhunter Manager: Gavtor Team Name: Los Puros Machos El Rudo El Temido Manager: Capt. Brown Team Name: Wash & Dry Silencer Hurricane Hazard Manager: Saul T. Nutz Team Name: Dynamite Express Bad Lettuce Superfly TNT Manager: Lucifer Team Name: Dark Forces Roadkill Mr. Grimm Manager: Superstar Gaz Team Name: High Flyers Superfly Dan Eagle Andy Manager: Tas Burrfoot Team Name: Steel Sensations Tik Durpin Man of Steel Manager: Aaron Austin Team Name: The Polo Club Ace Polo Kyle Polo Manager: Rock Man Team Name: The Metal Men Iron Steel Manager: Frank Castle Team Name: Brains & Brawn Frank the Animal Mastermind Will Manager: Johno Johnster Team Name: Flazer Flyers Senor Caos Don Forbes Manager: Maxxine Team Name: Badd Breed Kobyashi Warlock Manager: Hardball Team Name: Double T Playerz Tony Thompson Terrel Thomas Manager: Erika Team Name: The Lott Brothers Eric Lott Dmitri Lott Manager: The Valium Babe Prince Valium The Flint General Manager: Slick the Quick Team Name: Aerial Assault Rockin Roller High Flyer Manager: Chris Lowe Team Name: Kripplers Volcano Apocalypse Manager: Smokey Bill Gatorballs Team Name: The Worldly Forces Konan Gaia Manager: "Hollywood" Rocky Tabasco Team Name: Hell's Angels The Grimm Reaper Brimstone Manager: Malcolm McLaren Team Name: The Narcissists Stevie Michaels Shawn Richards No Manager Team Name: A Time and A Place Laughing Matter Serious Matter Manager: Supermodel Team Name: Destruction CJ Pyro Manager: Lady Ace Team Name: Divine Alliance Michael DeVine Simon Sezz Manager: The King Pin Team Name: Damage Inc. Chris Davis Dave Savage Manager: Craig N. Karl Team Name: El Centro Kilborn 2B Wyld En Fuego Manager: Jeremy Sirois Team Name: Gravediggaz Evil Wicked Return To The Top

3. Champions

World Title:Warlock World Tag Team Titles:Vacant Return To The Top

4. History Of Champions

No History Yet Return To The Top

5. Upcoming Events

June 20 1996 will be the debut of Thursday Thrashing June 22 1996 will be The Great Saturday Show which will be live from MSG E-Mail me for matches first come first serve Return To The Top

6. The Biography Area Frank the Animal Cleveland, Ohio 08-21-63 6'1" 265 lbs History - Former IWA-ABL Atlantic Champion, Prairie Champion, Pacific Champion, Cental Champion, 2 X National Champion, Current 3 X Northern Champion Theme Song - Enter Sandman by Metallica Favorite Wrestler - Mastermind Will Favorite Opponent - none yet Worst Opponent - Former ABL wrestler RAGE Biggest Enemy - current ABL wrestlers Gash & Scab
Mastermind Will Mentor, Ohio 03-31-66 5'11" 215 lbs History - Current IWA-ABL six man tag team Champion Theme - Enter Sandman by Metallica Favorite Wrestler - Frank the Animal Favorite Opponent - none yet Worst Opponent - none yet Biggest Enemy - anyone who tries to take Frank the Animal & Me down.
Prince Valium San Francisco, CA 3-31-63 6'3" 251 lbs History - Wrestled as "Brutus The Barber who's Butcher has no name and shakes his Booty while reading Beefcake magazines" Theme - Lex Luger's WCW entrance Music Favorite Wrestler - The Flint General Favorite Opponent - Anyone in the ring Worst Opponent - How would I know? I've never had a one-on-one match Biggest Enemy - The Champ Quote - You will be sleepin' after you get a dose of Prince Valium!
The Flint General Flint, MI 7-26-80 6'0'' 233 lbs History - Raw rookie whose only ring experience came by accident after he kicked Brian Pillman's butt after Pillman dragged him into the ring Theme - "Get ready 4 this" Favorite Wrestler - Prince Valium Favorite Opponent - Anyone man enough to take on a hockey fighter Worst Opponent - Any wusses out there afraid to take a punch Biggest Enemy - Brian Pillman Quote - I'm gonna use this league as a steppingstone to get to the WWF and kick Brian Pillman's A** again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Konan (The Iceman) Rockford, Illinois 6/19/75 6'9" 285 lbs History - Toughman Contest Theme - Ice,Ice, Baby! Favorite Wrestler - Gaia Favorite Opponent - Frank the Animal Worst Opponent - Warlock Biggest Enemy - Both Narcissists Quote - Chilling!
Gaia (The Executioner) Gainsville, Florida 7/21/75 6'4" 215 lbs History - Martial Arts Tournaments Theme - Theme from Rocky Favorite Wrestler - Konan Favorite Opponent - HAVEN'T GOTTEN TO FACE ONE YET!! Worst Opponent - (See Above) Biggest Enemy - Both Narcissists Quote - You've been sentenced to death!
Eric Lott Bre Bay, FL 5/2/71 6"4 300 lbs History - 3 time Florida state champ at 189 lb class, 1 time NCAA champion,1 time NCAA runnerup, UFWF tag champ,former 2 JWF tag champ, Mr.Florida(body building competition) Theme - "I wanna be sedated" by the Ramones Favorite Wrestler - Dmitri Lott Favorite Opponent - none yet Worst Opponent - Joe "Meat" Armstrong Biggest Enemy - anyone who is stupid enough to step in the ring with us Quote - With my brother and Erika who can stop us?
Dmitri Lott Bre Bay, FL 5/2/71 6"3 295 lbs History - 3 time Florida state champ at 171lb class, 2 time NCAA runnerup,UFWF tag champ, former 2 time JWF tag champ runner up to Mr. Florida(body building competition) Theme - "I wanna be sedated" by the Ramones Favorite Wrestler - Eric Lott Favorite Opponent - none yet Worst Opponent - Joe "Meat" Armstrong Biggest Enemy - anyone who is stupid enough to step in the ring with us Quote - With my brother and Erika who can stop us?
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New Wrestler NEW 2 WRESTLER MAX AND THEY MUST BE SINGLES OR TAG TEAM FROM THE START Not to be used by members of the league Wrestler's Bio

Wrestler Name Manager Name DOB Weight Hometown Finisher Story of Entry(interview announcing arrival,why are you here) Face or Heel Type of Wrestler Brawler Technician All Rounder High-flyer Martial Artist Crazy Submission Wrestler Theme Song(Title, Musician) Quote(Optional) IMPORTANT Divide 250 points for each stat of your wrestler No more than 100 to one area Work Push Stamina (Optional)Team Name and Partner(Submit partner with another form)

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