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My name is Chully Wully and this is my second attempt at trying to put up my own homepage on the net. People suggested the first homepage was too boring and it just didnt have the "CHARACTER" it needed to attract people. Hmmm..well I put more time and effort into this one so hopefully you will enjoy this page. You are always welcome to send me and let me know what you think of this page and give me suggestions on how to improve it. One of the most important point I learnt from the last homepage was that on the net "SEX really do SELL". So I have put up a Photo Gallary called The Beautiful people picture gallary with YOU KNOW WHAT in it! So go and check that out if you are bored to death. Also go and surf the on the net. They include some of my favourite links as well as popular sites. Speaking of Favourites...my FAV sport is Soccer.This page is dedicated to all the soccer fans out there on the cyber world and in the real world. It contains some of the hottest action and information about soccer. If you are a soccer fan this page is a MUST! And finally go and have a look at some of my friends Homepages.They are pretty Kewl as well. If you sign my guestbook I might even be able to link your page on mine.

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