Unless you've been living in a cave for the past two weeks, you've undoubtedly noticed the multitude of obnoxious chalkings and T-Shirts probing you with the question, "Do You Agree With Rachel?" This campaign is an invasion of the privacy of everyone on campus, even Christians, and it needs to be resisted by any means necessary.

It is your right as a human being to form your own opinions and beliefs about where you came from. It is also your right not to be ridiculed for forming such opinions and beliefs. Don't let anyone tell you what to think--Think for yourself. Form your own opinions.

There are dozens of religions in the world. If you find one that you think makes sense, then that's the religion for you. If you don't really agree with any of them, then that's okay too. There is no religion that's more right or wrong than another. All that counts is what YOU believe, and don't let Rachel or anyone else tell you differently.

If you're interested in researching religion for your own, please see the links at the bottom of the page.

The next event in the Rachel campaign is Saturday November 4 at 7pm in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at the UMC, where Rachel and her followers will be celebrating their campaign. We encourage you to protest the event in front of the UMC, but PLEASE do so PEACEFULLY. Protests are expected to begin at about 6pm.

Another way you can express your opinions to Rachel is to email her at comments@iagreewithrachel.com.

You can also email the Campus Crusade for Christ at information@gotfuel.org

About half of United States citizens and over two thirds of the world's population disagrees with Rachel. Instead, they agree with one of the beliefs below.

Don't feel comfortable with any of the religions above? Maybe you're agnostic.