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Hi There Fellow Penguins Fan. You are Penguin fan # to visit this site since it began 3/1/96. If you know of a page or of some pictures you like and would like me to add to my page (esp. Penguins ones)or just want to give me your suggestions/comments send them (please include E-mail address) or just drop me a not to tell me who stopped in. Also I NEED MORE LINKS! please tell me them. Sorry for not updating this page for a while but my hard drive crashed.

I have changed my e-mail address- E-MAIL ME if you have ANYTING to tell me

(Last Revision:5/16/96)

Pittsburgh Penguins Pages

Lots of Penguins Links
Matt's Penguin Page Lots of Info a Pens Fan Might Want to Know

Pittsburgh Penguin Image Pages

Jagr Images
Images and Team Information
Player Images
Jim Saxons Page
Amadeus Server

Sound Files

Mike Lange Sayings-At Bottom of Page-
More Mike Lange Sayings
Yes More Mike Lange Sayings

Sports Pages

ESPN's Hockey Page
USA Today's Hockey Page
Fox's Hockey Page
Tribune Review's Pens page

A Few Downloadable Penguin Images

Tom Barasso

Ron Francis

Jaromir Jagr

Mario Lemieux

Another Lemieux Picture

Thomas Sandstrom

Sports Chats

ESPN'S Hockey Chat

Nando Hockey Chat

Links to other sites on the Web

Lots of Downloadable Hockey Pictures (JPEG's)
NHL Team Pages (Updated Often)
Lots of Hockey Links
Index of NHL Teams Homepages (Every Team)
Quick Time Hockey Movies

Thanks for checking out my hockey page and come back soon. I just want to thank my friend Rory for her help in obtaining some of the sites on this page.



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