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Welcome to my homepage of TERROR!

Please take the time to fill out the Fantastic Visitor Interest Survey.There is a monthly question and a favorite band picker-thingy.

IF you want to read a review of the Q101 Jamboree, please click here.

This page is under destruction. I will be posting my poetry and adding things relating to MST3k and Baywatch.

I'm a big MST3K fan. My two favorite episodes are AGENT for H.A.R.M. and Time Chasers.

I work at the . Check out theTeen Court homepage.

Also see my choices for the Greatest Movies of All TIME

I go to Kenyon College.

Bands I have seen in concert

Some awesome (radical) bands I've haven't seen

Oh, I better mention about me. My name is and I am 18 years old.

Come see the Dark Side of Al Roker or the Dark side of Phil Volkers

If you haven't seen Charles Grodin's show on CNBC then too bad. It got canned. Mr. Angry is now on MSNBC. Dr. Katz is much funnier. Watch it instead. If you wish to join the Grodin mailing list, Please let me know, you will be updated!

I will challenge anyone on Cartoon Trivia in the world! Drop me an email

Here is a link to one of the greatest shows on television, Baywatch

Here's a link to Maura's Page