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             Greetings  Fellow import fans of the world.  Well, I finally got this site up.  It is not at its best so please keep visiting this site because it will be updated frequently.  The Reason I put this website up was because that it is for a grade for my freshman seminar class.  I hope I do well.  You are the judge.  Hope Ya Like it....   Oh yeah... Shout Outs to my Professor Dr. Sutherland.  Dr. Sutherland has been a good professor this year and without his willingness to share his knowledge, none of this would be possible at all.  Shout Outs To my homies, Johnny Nos, Huy Nguyen, SteveNguyen, Mai Tran, Mai Dinh, Sue Kim, Vivian Chan. Vincent Nguyen, Duy Le, Roeuthany Klam, and all my H-Town BOYZ !!!!

         This page is going to be split up into many different categories.  I have put a lot of work into this website, so if there are any suggestions that you think should be made, feel free to make them. E mail all suggestions, comments, etc to Don_Motwani@mail.utexas.edu. Go ahead and browse down and check out the site.

         HOW TO's ===>   This part of my page gives show simple how to's.  Sorry if some of myinstructions are not clearly understood.  I tried my hardest.

           SPECS       ===>    This part of my webpage gives some specifications and performance abilities of the most common import cars today.  This part took a lot of work because I had to gather a lot of information.

          IMAGES   ====>     This site of the website has images of cars from various car shows that I have been to as well as cars that belong to my friends.  The pictures have been scanned by me so if the quality is not good, please forgive me.  I will give a little description of the car next to each image, so you, as a net surfer, can learn more about import car tuning.  Not all of these cars are imports; some of these are domestic

        LAWS  =====>         This section of my site is for laws that regulate certain modifications done to cars.

         INFO on ME ====>  This section gives information on me.  It has a picture of myself and my car.  It tells my hobbies, interests, etc.

Again, if you have any questions or comments, please send them all to Don_Motwani@mail.utexas.edu.   Thank you.