Welcome to my Hiking Journal webpage. This site serves as the web based version of my hiking journal. This is not intended to serve as a guide to others, although it could be used to find some possible ideas for future hikes. It is mainly intended to be a reflection of my hiking adventures and destinations over the past few years, some of which have been more exciting than others. If you find this webpage interesting, then I recommend that you find a life....no, I mean, you should check back often, as I add hikes fairly frequently to the site. Next up on the list....UTAH!! One of these days you may even find this site to be somewhat decent looking, you know, like...decent.

There is one disclaimer to viewing this site, and that is the viewer should be fair warned that there is language on these pages that some may find to be offensive. That means there are swear words (just a few). This warning means that if you don't like swear words, than you can kiss my.....um, what I mean to say is, simply don't look at these pages. Or don't complain to me about it. I whine enough for the both of us, trust me. That's your problem, and you've been warned.

Also note that all the photos on this site (as of now) have been taken by me, and my amazing 35mm camera from hell (it won't break, no matter how hard I try). Even the ones that aren't entirely crap. So I'd appreciate it if you don't steal these without at least asking me first. It's just the polite thing to do.

© 2003 by David Smith