The Jungle Annex featuring: The Jungle Carpool Page

Welcome to the Jungle...the other website. This site is an add on to the original site set up by Jim Benton, called The Sports Jungle.

We've decided to use this page as a board for those who may want/give a ride to a needy clone to the Clone Fest events in the Jungle Website. Please email me here . In the email, please specify: Name, where you live, which event you are going, whether you are wanting/ giving a ride, and email address and/or telephone number which you can be reached. I'll try to get the board updated as quickly as possible. Onward to the board .


Wow, it's 2004 and this page hasn't been updated in ages. I guess when I figure out what to put here, I'll do something. Until then, have a good life all.

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