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 I'm the cutest SWKR-RAT - tell me it is so

Scott PW? OneToMaui Roland ? Robert
The BEAVIS award for 2004 has to be OneToMAUI who continues to own a team but performs no maintenance. How can you be in 1st and 2nd the majority of the season and then let your team slip to the bottom - I just don't understand!

New and improved background music added November 14, 1999 - listen and enjoy.
Hear the 2002 theme(s) for ROBERT FRIED CHICKEN #1 and #2
Hear the the themes for all of the other owners (pick one for yourself) A. or B. or C. .

Be sure to check out the historical information page. It is cute and informative (always looking for more comments).

Editor's note: For a while I placed a name on these guys (not the cute SWKR rat) now let's have you email me the name of a owner you feel is appropriate. To have yourself removed - email me with another owner's name and comment.

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 What all OTHER owners must be feeling - BUT NOT ME

This league was formed in 1990 in the San Diego area to promote a relaxed, competitive and social league using the NATIONAL LEAGUE ROTISSERIE format. We began using the standard eight (8) categories and in 1999 started using ten (10) scoring categories. Playing pretty much with the standard rules (the changes that have been made were to make the league more competitive).

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We have members living all around San Diego county (one in Texas and another in Chicago) - San Diego (south), Carlsbad (west) and Escondido (north east) .

The normal schedule for updating this page will be:

ESPN Baseball Scores
ESPN Baseball News
ESPN Injury Reports
USA Today Injury Reports
USA Today Team Notes - daily
USA Today Player statistics by team
USA Today Position Eligibilty
MLB Rosters, Batting & Pitching Statistics by team
Sportsline YTD hitting & pitching sortable stats and player detail
Sporting News Team & Player (alpha) detail
MSNBC - Baseball

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