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Hey Jen and Metta!!!!

Welcome to Todd's PITTSBURGH PENGUIN Homepage

Whassup?? Welcome to my homepage. This page will be about the Best Hockey team in the world...The Pittsburgh Penguins. Let me tell you about me. I am 16 year old, junior at West Allegheny High School in PITTSBURGH PA. I play basketball, golf, a little hockey, and tennis. I enjoy playing all those sports, hanging out with my friends, playing in the W.A. DRUMLINE, and going on the internet. My favorite band is HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH. You might know me as CUP CRAZY on Webchat. I have been a huge Penguin fan since I have been 7 or 8.I have watched since 1987 and I've liked them from when they were crappy to when they won the Cup. I will always be a big Pens fan. So here's the page and LETS GO PENS!! If you have any suggestions or complaints or want me to exchange links E MAIL ME!!
You are the PENS fanatic to visit my page since May 31, 1996!!

Penguin Pictures

Lemieux looking for a goal against the Beezer.(49K)
Barrasso making a save against the Canadiens.(50K)
Joe Dziedzic pinning a Capital against the boards.(41K)
Ronny Francis skating up the ice making a pass.(25K)
Another Francis against the Oilers.(48K)
Mario Jr. gliding down the ice.(32K)
Kenny Wregget making a glove save.(68K)
Murray causing some raucos against the Habs.(43K)
Mario on a breakaway against Belfour in the All Star Game.(45K)
Petr Nedved punishing a Sabre against the boards.(58K)
Nedved playing against the Kings.(37K)
Neil Wilkinson being checked by a Red Wing.(40K)
Wregget making the overtime save against Juneau.(45K)
Lemieux being chased by a Florida defenseman.(77K)
Another Lemieux skating toward the net.(21K)
Jaromir around the net against the Senators.(46K)
Joe D. getting into a fight.(48K)
The Pens logo.
Jagr shooting against the Flyers.(34K)
More Pics.

Mike Lange .wav Files

Mike Lange is the radio broadcaster for the Penguins.He says funny things after the Pens score a goal.Here are some of them.Some of these files were brought to you by Tammy and Toki Barron.They both have great Pens pages.You should check them out.
"Call Arnold Slick from turtle crick!!"
Ladies and Gentleman,Elvis has just left the building!!"
"You aint' nothin' but a houndog!!"
"Look out Lorretta!"
"She wants to sell my monkey!!"
"Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too!!
"Get in the fast lane Grandma, the bingo game's about to roll"
"Book 'em Dano"
Mike gets cow-kicked!"
The Budweiser Penguin saying"Do be do be doo"

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