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Well my page is sorely outdated. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Most of the links work, but I'm gonna have to do a major overhaul sooner or later.

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Last time I updated and remembered to change this date was 06/07/00.


See more pics of us painted!!!

Texas A&M University THE University
Kansas City Royals Homepage-my favorite team
Here is my favorite baseball player
What's wrong with pussy?!
What's wrong with pussy?!

Do you hate Barney as much as I do? If you want to kill him go here.

Hobbes I am looking for the following George Brett Cards:
Upper Deck: Topps:
93 Season HL #7 84 LL #710

If you have any of these and will sell or trade them, please Email me.
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Hobbes again
This many people have suffered through my page.
If you have any suggestions regarding this page, please email me.
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