"The last time I saw Saville play was in a garden shed when he scored against Palace for Hartlepool." (Alan Green 17/9/96)

Last Update: 12th November 1997
Latest Result: Pools 3-2 Colchester
Next League Game: 23rd August: Rotherham (a)

"The Flying Pig is still developing his homepage. Come back soon for the all new Flying Pig Experience at the start of the 1998/99 Season!"

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Only this many people have visited the page since 14.30 on 5/6/1996. Some people have no taste.

This page is dedicated to the marvellous 12th Man, my mum Nelson, the goldfish with the wooden leg and a big 'hi!' to Goo-shay!

Oh yeah...I'm really sorry if I upset any Dar-low fans...NOT!

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