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Upon my retirement


Jet Populsion Laboratory

Pasadena, California

my interrests underwent some profound changes. Having worked as a software engineer for nearly three decades developing the systems that guided, tracked and captured date from the many deep space missions, computers were no longer of interrest to me.

My hobbies of bicyle touring and love of sailing became my primary endeavors. The extensive bike tours covered much of central Europe, with an emphasis on Scandinavia including my favorite, the Norwegian Arctic.

Plans to cuise the Pacific by sailboat were dealt a fatal blow, when my wife was unable to overcome her fear of open water and continues to battle seasickness. So we stick much to the area between the Channel Islands and some of Baja California.

Then an old collegue asked about my e-mail address and told me about the "Net". So I bought a computer and spent months of agony with Windows 95. Oh how I miss the good old days of assembler programming when things were simple! But they are only a fond memory now. In any case, I have to take courses at Virtual University for building a web page. This is my first attempt and after many long hours of reading and studying, I believe I'm ready.

In the future I plan to add pages of bike tours and sailing cruises.

Nordkap Prelude

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