Friends of St. Cuthbert’s Primary School Language & Communication Classes
Spring Fundraising

Signed ball

The Language & Communication Classes at St. Cuthbert’s Primary School provide education for children on the Autistic Spectrum. Autism affects a child’s ability to communicate and socialise with others and these children need lots of additional support in their school lives. That support is provided by St. Cuthbert’s Language and Communication Classes and by the main primary school where the children participate in as many activities as they can. The children are capable of so much with support and encouragement.

We are hoping to raise funds for the Language Unit this Spring with three main projects in mind:

•    An overnight ‘holiday’ at Ratho respite centre. Each year the children go on an overnight holiday to Ratho. This gives them an opportunity to practice all the social skills they have been learning in a fun environment with their school friends, and helps to develop their independence.

•    Play equipment for the playground. Playtime can be difficult for children on the Autistic Spectrum. The playground is big and noisy with lots of children rushing about letting off steam. We hope to purchase some play equipment – bikes, scooters etc. to give the children a focus at playtime, which helps them to interact with other children and gives them an opportunity to share and take turns.

•    Development of the school garden. This will allow the children to plant some flowers and vegetables and see the results of their efforts. We all learn best by ‘doing’. This is especially true for children on the Autistic Spectrum where ‘seeing and doing’ can mean so much more than language.