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Reasons to Skateboard:

  1. It is Fun
  2. To get chicks
  3. Because you found a board in your garage
  4. It is Fun
  5. Some kids going to kick your ass if you don't
  6. You gotta go somewhere and don't have a car
  7. It is Fun


Skate Links

  • Young Punk Skater Page - several links to skateboarding, music, and other miscellaneous punk pages. It also has several skating pics.
  • BALANCE - an online skateboard presentation.
  • Ben's Skate Page - learn how to ollie.
  • Biohazard - This page contains skateboarding, snowboarding, and music related infomation.
  • Black Warrior Skateboarding Association
  • Blindside - East Coast photos from around 1990. Many rippin shots.
  • Capital Seven Films
  • Cops Eat Donuts - online version.
  • DansWORLD Skateboarding
  • ESPNET SportsZone Skateboarding
  • InterSkate - your source for skateboarding on the net. Sponsored riders, pics, links, news, letters, and * NeW * sponsored bands! Check this site out!
  • Jean-Philippe's Skaters Page - Full of Cool Stuff
  • Journal
  • Matt Desmond's Skateboarding - includes skateboarding pics and quicktime.
  • Menace's Page- cool stuff here
  • Ocean Bowl Skateboard Park - information about the Ocean City, MD's special skateboard facility.
  • Skate.Net - A big skateboarding page, with product reviews, company information, videos, links, and more.
  • - skateboarding information source
  • SKaTeBoaRDiNG KiCKS aSS! - Skateboarding Kicks Ass!! Huphtur Magazine now goes Internet! Lots of skatepics.. graffity... skaterumors... skatelinks... NO OLD STUFF!! Only new stuff. Updated weekly!!
  • Skategeezer - dedicated to those who remember such things as Skateboarder Magazine, Tony Alva and Earth Skis.
  • Skatemilk Page
  • SkateTalk - Skatetalk is a webchat site dedicated to skateboarders, but all are welcome.
  • Thug Skateplanks - skatecompany specializing in phat decks and the east coast scene.
  • - Online "environment" dedicated to extreme sports (such as aggro In-line, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.)
  • FAQ - alt.skate-board

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