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  • (6-16-98) Talking To Geese By Chris W. Faulkner Published Fall 1995 Hunting Issue E astern Woods & Waters
  • (6-16-98) reloading editor Larry Reynolds explains the critical role wads and primers play in Shotshell reloading
  • (4-20-98) On March 25, 1998 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposed certain revisions to its regulation prohibiting the hunting of migratory game birds over certain "baited" conditions (the Baiting rule). The following is a response to the FWS' proposal The Baiting Game - Who's Baiting Whom?
  • (4-13-98) Young pups with short attention spans, combined with overzealous trainers can result in training disasters! Brian Moyse explains how to aviod these pitfalls, in Basic Training
  • (4-6-98) "The skin of the canine field athlete is subject to wounds due to the nature of their work and the terrain they work in, especially the skin on the paws. Proper wound management may help assure rapid healing and an early return to action."
  • (3-29-98) The Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to clarify and simplify the migratory game bird hunting regulations regarding baiting. Proposed Baiting Regulations
  • (3-22-98) Hull selection playes a critical role in shotshell reloading. Reloading editor Larry Reynolds tells us The Hull Truth
  • (3-10-98) Guest editor Brian Moyse tells us to "Keep It Simple" when training gun dogs (part one of the twelve part series)
  • (3-10-98) "A Bird Called Jamie" editor Bill Mayo reports on the new Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (part one of two)
  • (3-10-98) "Non-toxic Shotshell Reloading" Guest editor Larry Reynolds discusses the advantages and disadvantages of shotshell reloading. This permanent feature caters to the novice reloader as well as the experienced

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