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This page last updated on June 10, 2003. Other pages are updated much more frequently than this one.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. This site is devoted primarily to my various collections: pocket sports schedules, beer cans, and baseball cards. It is under continuous construction, and there are a number of things in my life that have priority over keeping this page absolutely up to date. I have most of my schedules ("skeds") listed and I've even added some pictures. These pages also include wantlists for skeds and baseball cards. I'd list all of my baseball cards, but I'm afraid I won't have that kind of free time until such time as I retire. Check back in 30 or 40 years. I also collect beer-related items, but I need to update that section. Give me a couple of years. :^)

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Links to other sites on the Web

I've included all of the sked-related links that I'm aware of, plus the most useful (for my purposes, anyway) breweriana and baseball card links. If you think I've left something out, let me know.

Sked-Related Links

Scott Bennyhoff
Paul Buxton
Chip Chip is also into hockey pucks.
Barry Dowdy
Bruce's Pro Sports Schedule Trade List
The Daily Skedder
Guy Donne
Sue Fitzgerald
Greg Fogg
Tricia Gorman
Jim Hatch
Chris Haynes
Jeff's minor league baseball and hockey sked page
Richie Kremer
Tex Liebmann
The Lion's Roar
Matt Major
Kat Mangao
Northern League (independent minor league baseball) schedules and other memorabilia
Randy Otis
Ron Roth
World of Skedding

Breweriana-Related Links

Beer Can Collectors of America
Scott & Laura Spencer

Baseball, Baseball Card, and Other Collectibles-Related Sites

Old Card Traders One great baseball card trading group
Vintage Card Traders Another great baseball card trading group
Chaberry Sports Memorabilia Search engines and checklists for about every baseball card set through 1996
Skilton's Baseball Links
Collector Link
Tim Stransky Tim also collects beer stuff and skeds

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