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Baltimore Lithuanian Athletic Club

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Welcome to the B.L.A.C. Home Page. This is our 37th anniversary. (1972-2009)

Here is what is hoped to be a useful page for upcoming events in the Baltimore Lithuanian community. Enter here to see an initial list of organizations and news on what is happening. A great deal of thanks goes to Gintaras Buivys for the time, effort, format, and initial information supplied on this site.

Lithuanian Festival Time Again !
May 30-31 !
Catonsville National Guard Armory 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Plenty of Free parking.
Please read the press release for more details.
See your old friends and meet some new ones. Watch the dancers, try on a shirt, examine the crafts and jewelry, and eat as much sausage, Kugelis, Cepelinai and pastries as the eyes can hold. Wash it all down with a cold Kanapalis, Utenos, ice tea or soda. Then come to the Viryta booth for a song and a salute.
" Check out Katrina's new Newsletter format. "

Here is the Club news for April. You will need a compatible Word reader to view it.

Here is the Festival News Release. You will need a compatible Adobe .pdf reader to view it.

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"Directions to Lithuanian Hall"

Here are some directions to the Catonsville Armory. Print them out to get the full map.

Visit the Lithuanian Melody Time and other websites on the next page to hear all the broadcasts you missed on Sunday. Just hit ENTER.

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Links To Favorite Pages

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Here is what our Lithuanian cousins south of the border in Argentina have planned this month.

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