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August 15, 2002: Less than a month to go before the regular season begins! Check out my two cents from the Ravens game I attended last week and my predictions for the upcoming year by clicking HERE . I will have my annual pre-season form available this weekend!!!

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SEP. 9: Detroit (06) at Green Bay (28)

SEP. 23: Detroit (14) at Cleveland (24)

OCT. 8: St. Louis (35) at Detroit (00)

OCT. 14: Detroit (26) at Minnesota (31)

OCT. 21: Tennessee (27) at Detroit (24)

OCT. 28: Cincinnati (31) at Detroit (27)

NOV. 4: Detroit (13) at San Fran. (21)

NOV. 11: Tampa Bay (20) at Detroit (17)

NOV. 18: Detroit (38) at Arizona (45)

NOV. 22: Green Bay (29) at Detroit (27)

DEC. 2: Detroit (10) at Chicago (13)

DEC. 16: Minnesota (24) at Detroit (27)

DEC. 23: Detroit (14) at Pittsburgh (47)

DEC. 30: Chicago (27) at Detroit (00)

JAN. 6: Dallas (10) at Detroit (15)

My Commentary: 8/16/02

Last week I was able to see the honolulu blue and silver at Ravens Field. I was so pumped up for the game given I had 50 yard line seats, 3rd row and it was going to be my first opportunity to see Joey Harrington. Well, it turned out to be a typical pre season yawner...fortunately, I had one too many brewskies which made the game more interesting for the people around me :-) It was hard to take away anything from the game given there were so many starters that did not play. But a few things stood to me:
  • If James Stewart gets injured, the Lions are in DEEP trouble. They have no legitimate backup.

  • The offensive line is thin if any of the projected starters get injured. I sure hope Backus is able to come back to full strength in time for the regular season.

  • Jason Hanson looked to be back to his old form. Hopefully last year was just a fluke for him.

  • Mike McMahon looked nothing like a starting QB. Even though some of the regulars were not playing, McMahon looked out of sync the entire game.

To sum everything up, the only reason I am excited for this season is to see Ford Field, although my season tickets went from the 10 yard line to the endzone corner. With two over the hill cornerbacks (Lyght and Davis), it will be a long year for the defense. If the injury bug makes its way back again, it will be another repeat of the 2001 campaign. On the contrary, if the Lions can stay healthy and play up to their talent level, they may be able to reach the .500 plateau.

Scott's 2002 Prediction: 5-11

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(1) Rank the NFC Central Teams from 1-5. For instance, if you feel the Lions will finish in first place and Tampa Bay will finish in last, chose 1 & 5 respectfully. (30 points for correct order).

(2) What do you think the Lions regular season record will be at the end of the year? (30 points for the correct selection).

(3) Select how far you think the Lions will go in the playoffs (20 points for the correct selection).

(4) Will Charlie Batch start at least half of the Lions games? (10 points for the correct selection).

(5) Will Herman Moore lead the Lions in receptions? (10 points for the correct selection).

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*Will Charlie Batch start at least half of the games during the regular season? [10 points]

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