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My family is crazy about skating. My daugther, Alison, just finished her 20th year of synchro with The Hockettes, a junior team representing the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club in 1997. She was a member of The Crystallettes- senior team, from The Dearborn Figure Skating Club and just finished her third year in July '99. She has now retired from skating to coaching synchronized skating full time. My wife, Mary, General Manager of Hockettes and Debonaires I know we have every skating event that has been on TV, including all skating in the Olympics'on tape.

Alison is coach of the Preliminary Hockettes and asst. coach of Junior Hockette Team. She does group lessons, is a international dance coach and field moves. If it were possible she would live at the Cube!!(at times it seems as she does)

My son, Chris, who is 26, likes Ford trucks. He has a white Boxer named Dicey because of her black spots that show thru. He is a diesel technician.He just got back from Iraq after one year woking on Mraps and training Army to drive and maintain these trucks that have replaced Hummers.

My name is Dave. I enjoy synchronized skating. I am in retail management. I am on the BOD of the Club. I hope you enjoy this page and the links to synchronized and figure skating.

Ann Arbor is the home of the nation's first precision team, the Hockettes. Dr. Richard Porter started the team in 1956. On December 7, 1996 our club hosted our first ever precision competition in his honor. The 40th anniversary of SYNCHRONZIED SKATING !! The 1st annual Classic was a big success!! Over 1230 skaters and 61 teams. A total of almost 3000 people came and watched the all day event. The Dr. Richard Porter Precision Classic ll was held Dec. 6, 1997 at The Cube. The Dr. Porter Classic II had 76 teams and 1424 skaters this year. Dr.Porter attended again this year. He was a young 84!! Dr. Porter passed away on Dec.18,1997 Dr. Porter Classic III was held on Dec. 5, 1998 There were 92 teams this year!! Wow!!!!!! 2032 skaters!! This year's Dr. Richard Porter Classic IV was held on December 4th and 5th 1999. A two day event due to the size!! More practise ice was available. This year we had over 2200 skaters. There were 95 teams and 104 events.The Dr. Richard Porter Classic V will be held on December 2 and 3,Sat & Sun, 2000.We had 97 teams abnd over 2075 skaters.Dr. Porter Classic VII was held on Dec 7th and 8th, 2002. A blast!! This years competition is the 12th annual and is on Dec 1 and 2,2007

The Hockettes finished 5th in the Spring Cup on Feb.13th 2000!! This was their first international competition. Forty four years after Dr. Richard Porter founded the Hockettes ( the nation's first precision team (synchronized now). THANKS DR. PORTER!

The Hockettes finished 8th at Junior Worlds in March,2002 out of 21 teams! Great skating. In 2005 the Hockettes were National champs and also in 2007. They only had two returning skaters from 2005.

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