An Apology To Dayton Bombers Fans

-The Condition of The Slot and It's Webmaster-

Tuesday, April 18th, 2000

Some of you may have noticed that The Slot hasn't been updated in a LONG time. Sorry. With college, work, family, and other responsibilities, not only have I failed to update The Slot frequently, but I have missed every game since January. Some Bombers fan I am. I want to say sorry for all of those who came here from search engines, ect. and especially to those who came direct request or from their favorites list. I made promises I couldn't keep, and I'm sincerely sorry. The Slot is painfully shut down officially for an undisclosed amount of time as of this moment, 3:47 PM on Tuesday, April 18th, 2000.

As with trying again with a new Slot next year, I'm only getting more and more responsibilities and I'll be working full time as well as going to school full time. The outlook is grim, but I'll see what happens. Thanks to all of you who have come here. I worked a long time on this; it's something I take great pride in putting together, and I hope perhaps to have a page that is less demanding of my time but still maintains the same quality of the past. Oh well. Here's to next year.

The only part of the old site I feel that's still worth going to is the Bios part, where I have some pics and bios on about eight Bombers past and present. Be warned it is extremely outdated, but maybe you'd like to read a little or get a piccie or two. Dunno. Enjoy. :)