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CE32 Creations

CE32 Creations
Ags WinThe Dennis Franchione era has begun. Thanks to R.C. for everything he has done for Texas A&M, and the Fighting Texas Aggie Football Team.
HydroThunder "One of the best arcade games ever, and by far the best arcade racer ever." -Bombsquad. Thanks to Steve Ranck, Former Head Developer -Midway Games Inc., for this amazing Game. Steve is now the President of Swinging Ape Studios.

The BombSqad
The Story behind the group.

We had all worked together for a while, there were 5 of us on the installation team at that time. Some knew each other longer than others, but we all had shared interests and got along really well as any good (work)team should. Christmas of 1998 we were split into 3 different teams to compete in a box decorating contest for a toy drive. Two of the three teams had chosen a Gingerbread house theme for their boxes. The toy drive came and went, and there were a total of three Gingerbread houses that were all very nicely built and measured 3'X 3'X 4'. The question arose, how to dispose of these works of art that we put so much work into... This is where the BombSquad was born. Todd, Mark, Jim, and myself took off with the idea to demolish these gingerbread houses. Check out the GingerBlast '99 sites for the pictures and video.

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