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*** Bob has a B.S.M.E from PURDUE University (1953). He served in the Army from Sept. 1953 to Sept. 1955 at the Ballistic Research Laboratory in Aberdeen Proving Grounds. He worked for the Navy as an Engineer (Civil Service employee)at the Naval Avionics Center (NAC) in Indianapolis, Indiana for 33 years and is now retired. He has lived in Indianapolis for 62 years and has been retired for 16 years.
*** Joanne is a graduate of Bridgwater College and worked for the C.I.A. as a Research Analyst in Washington D.C. for 13 years. She moved to Indianapolis in 1984 and married Bob that same year. She is also retired and is doing volunteer work at a local Nursing Home. She enjoys keeping up with the latest information related to Holistic Medicine.


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