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Riverstone Dolphins is an amateur swimming club located in a town northwest of Sydney (Australia). We are about 40 minutes from the 2000 Olympics site at Homebush in Sydney.

The club has over 240 members, 210 of them active competitors. Ages range from 3 to veterans (over 30 something!!!). Swimmers race from 12.5m to 200m.

Upcoming Events

Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Sam Lane Community Centre, Riverstone at 7:30pm.

1999/2000 Summer Programme

Latest News

A strange day for a Car Rally. It rained on and off but we still did the course. Nobody got lost, though we nearly starved trying to get the BarBQ started with wet wood. The Chief Instructor still has the bruises from the gang tackle by his children sustained during the soccer match.

Congratulations to those dolphins who were successful in their Netball and football grandfinals.

Registration Night (7/10/99): Free sausage sizzle for all joining members on the night. New members need to bring Birth certificates. All members $20 Registration fee. This night is important for you to collect all information and race cards, as these need to be in the following Wednesday so that you will not miss out on your races.

Dolphin Prattles

October 1999

Coaching Tips ----

Starting Instructions (updated October 1999)

FREE Learn to swim

A Free Learn to Swim programe runs during the summer season on Sunday Mornings. With 15 NSW Swimming qualified instructors and over 20 trainee instructors,it is anticipated that close to 200 people will be taught to swim.

Our trainees are required to have Royal Life Saving Association Swim and Survive level 5 or 6 as well as a current resuscitation certificate prior to helping in this very important activity.

"Drowning is such a waste"

A Special Message to Parents

Resuscitation - The Need To Breath

Useful Riverstone and Australian Swimming Sites

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