Ring Wars

I know this is the last thing you want to read.
I want RingWars 2 to be here as much as you do.
But it isn't.

Now before you write an email to me flaming me and
calling me every bad word you can think of, calm down
and relax. Would you rather that i rush and hand out
a peice of garbage that resembles Zeus? No, i don't
think so. So have a little patience and wait until
February 1st. At that time, RingWars 2 will be
here. I am working on it, it is coming, porting
code from c++ to vb isn't easy and takes time.
Add the new features that i want to do and the
optimizations i plan to put in place and it
and it takes a while.

So calm down, go download tnm7 and play around with
that for a while.

And to all those people who say that RINGWARS IS NO TNM7,
you're right. I never intended ringwars to be TNM7.