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"9-Iron Vs. 5-Iron. You might be asking yourself 'Is the swing the same for each?' or 'Do I need to do anything different at all?'. The answer is both yes, and no, depending on the particular characteristics of your swing. If you notice that you tend to hit more out towards the toe on the 9-iron, but closer to the sweet spot on the 5-iron, yes, the swing for each may need to be a little different for you. And here's why. Due to the longer shaft length of the 5-iron, it will naturally create more of an outward pull of the club head. More length, more centrifugal force. It that's simple. Hencely, the head will position itself further away from you as it strikes the ball, truly hitting more towards the middle or heal area of the club face. The 9-iron, on the other hand, is controlled more by the mechanical paths that your arms and shoulders are traveling on. Therefore, if you do find that the 9 creates more of a toe hit than the 5, what you must do is consciously 'tear' into the back-inside portion of the ball. Do this by greatly angling the direction of your hip and arm movement on the downswing more towards the ball than normal. Remember, normally, you would be angling towards the ball on a diagonal during the forward swing anyway, but do it even more so with the 9-iron. It should feel as if you are aggressively trying to smack it directly to the right of where you want it to go, but amazingly, it will instead be a nice straight hit on the sweet spot. Try it; you'll like it! "

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