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The contents of these pages are divided into three main topic areas. Martial Arts , Mountain Biking , and Computing. At the moment I am concentrating my efforts on producing the Martial Art pages, gathering information from books, magazines and instructors and fellow students.

Martial Artist My Martial Art Pages contain information on several different Martial Arts including Karate, Tae kwon do and Traditional English Quarterstaffing. The majority of the pages however concentrate on Wado Ryu Karate.
These Mountain Biking Pages will eventually contain information and links for cycle routes, tips, basic maintenance, manufacturer lists, and other mountain bike resources on the WWW. (Available soon) Mountain Bike
A Computer My Computing Pages contain information about my computing interests including many Programming Topics and Games Reviews. (Available soon)

Any comments, suggestions or links required for any of the above topics, please email:
Many thanks to Geocities for allowing me to use this Web Space.