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Welcome to my homepage !

This web site is devoted to all fans of sports, stadiums, travels and postcard trading.     It's divided in two sections:   First you'll find a description of my collection of postcards with a few scanned and also meet other traders and collecting resources.  Next more than 150 interesting links related to the world of sports and travels.   Enjoy!

Of course, if you are interested in exchange postcards of stadiums, please email me.


- My Collection
      Here you're finding the whole collection of postcards.
      Could you help me to get any more?

- Duplicates   May 14, 2001
      More than 700 postcards of stadiums for exchanges.

- Top 20 Gallery
      These are the main stadiums of my collection.

- Collectors
      Take a look to some of the best pages of postcard traders.

- Collecting resources
      The world of collecting through some related links.

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