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September 20, 2001

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Fantasy Football Since 1986
Week 2: The Season Resumes

The NFL is a part of American life. We play a role in the healing process by playing our games, honoring the victims of the Sept 11 terrorist attacks and to saluting the heroes of the rescue and recovery mission. - NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue

While fantasy football seems insignificant compared to what has happened in the last nine days, it is significant because it is something we all "like to do". As I continue to process the tragic events of September 11, I have come to realize what we "like to do" is important. If we continue to live in a numbed and fearful state, and shun the things that "we like to do", we have given a victory to the terrorists.

I look forward to again seeing games this Sunday to cheer on my favorite NFL team and fantasy players. While "Silent Sunday" in week 2 allowed us a chance to reflect, it also gave us a chance to grow our appreciation for things that we like to do. That is our freedom, our right.

Let's play...

A modest 3-3 in week 1...always a tough week to read. With that in mind, an impressive 3-3 in week 1.

Ricker vs Cantrell (-1.0)

Both these teams had a severe power outage in week 1. Cantrell's 'Hawks didn't hit pay dirt versus Cleveland(?!) and Ricker's high flying Rams were held in check by Philadelphia. Cantrell's Seahawks get Philly this week. For Ricker's Rams, a familar haunt, San Francisco, where a high scoring game is likely. Ricker will record an easy "W" keeping Hank winless.

Brown (-17.0) vs Best

Nander Brown came out hot with a league rookie record 71 points in his first game. Best, notched a very quiet 54, his victory clouded by the fact that his Vikings were upset by the Panthers. The Vikings seek to cure their offensive woes against Chicago. Traditionally these teams light up the scoreboard. Nander's Oakland QBs have a matchup at Miami. Under normal circumstances Oakland rarely does well when traveling to the East, so expect them to be held in check this week. Best takes command in the division with this win.

Rick Moses vs Jones/Klingman (-2.0)

With three wins on their way to the championship last season and an easy dispatching of Cousins in week 1, JK is on a four game roll. One more win and they will equal their franchise best. R-Mo slipped by powerful Bud in his BRFL debut last week and has a problem few of us have ever had: four solid backs - one of whom is Edgerrin James. James should be able to offset JK's best weapon, Indy QBs. R-Mo in a walk.

Deitrich (-11.0) vs Cousins

Bud's was nipped by old TWFL pal Rick Moses in week 1, but may have come out a winner in the long run by snagging Eddie Kennison in our week 2 free agent draft to pair up with his Denver QBs. Denver faces Arizona, yes they are still in the league on Sunday night. Cousin's Titans were cancelled out on a nice confidence building game with the Bengals. Now they face Jacksonville on the road and are staring down games against Baltimore and Tampa Bay following a bye. It could be a while before CC records his first win. Bud looking good here.

Outlaw vs Jackson (-1.0)

For the second week in a row, the schedule pairs the five rookies against league veterans, so this is the only BRFL game with any history behind it. Outlaw leads the 12 year old series 7-6. In week 1, both of these teams had impressive performances but lost their games. It is a shame that one of these guys goes 0-2. It won't be Outlaw, I think he has enough to take out Jackson, but just barely in a close one.

Brad Moses vs McCowan (-9.0)

The question of the week is whether B-Mo can field a team. He will certainly have to dip deep into the SR wires to fill more than a couple positions. The byes of Tampa and New Orleans are his biggest but temporary problem. Now Terrell Davis is contemplating some more knee surgery. Oops... that email beep I just heard was the footballguys reporting that Davis is definitely out. B-Mo now has 7 of his 13 players not on the field for this week. DMC gets the opportunity to kick him when he is down and move to a surprising 2-0, given the relative strength and equality of this division.
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