Last updated: Monday 26 October 1998

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If you are looking for the latest results of the new soccer season in Belgium, you are at the wrong place. Last season I kept track of all the matches in the belgian league. But from this season on, I won't have enough time to do that. You can still look at all the results of the season 1997-1998.

If you want to see the latest results and standings of the Belgian soccer, I suggest you take a look at one of these pages :

France wins World Cup

Belgium - S. Korea : 1 - 1

Belgium - Mexico : 2 - 2

Belgium - Netherlands : 0 - 0

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Topscorers in the Belgian League
Fixtures and results of Belgian cup matches
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The fixtures and results on the WORLD CUP !!!
Last season: final standings, topscorers, results of the Belgian cup, awards.
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