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What a shame to see you go Mess. I guess money really talks!

Hi! HOW BOUT THEM RANGERS? Halfway into the 1998-99 season, teh Rangers are looking forward to a playoff birth, not far behind boston. So Far this season, Neil Smith has been rediculous. Trading Kovie and picking up Nedved. Kovalev is playing excellent in Pittsburgh aside Jagr. This is my page, (although somewhat maintained by the person at This page ) I have cool NYR pics to show and lots of NYR info to share. If you are a die hard NYR fan, you would want to see a cool site with awsome graphics and updated information every day...go to, The New York Rangers!!!!. You can Visit my perspectives pageor take a look at the awards I have won. Have a good time while you are here!

Why Did He Have To Go!!!


These Two knew How To Work!!!

I wouldn't, would you?
Having a great season! 19 goals at the halfway point.

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